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DSCH for Piano, Flute, Vibraphone and Double Bass. Crescendo - 12th All-Polish Composition Competition,Tarnów - Third prize (2004)

An Ancient Book for Voice and Piano. Adam Didur Composition Competiton in Sanok - Second prize, (2006)

ApokElipsis for chamber orchestra - “Patri patriae – 4th All-Polish Composition Competition, Katowice – honourable mention in the student category. (2007)


Combinations on Olympus for Solo Trombone, 5th Tadeusz Ochlewski Composition Competition, Kraków – First prize (2007)

Fantasy From Stele for doublebass and piano, All-Polish Composition Competiton organised with Polsih Society of Composers and Bassist Society, Wrocław - honorable mention, (2007)

Oratio Fatima for mixed choir , JP II Days - Composition Competition 2008, Kraków - First prize (2008)

Magic Map for Harp - Srebrna Szybka 3rd All-Polish Composers Composition for Children and Youngsters 2008, Kraków - honourable mention (2009)

Jancio Muzykant for string quartet, computer and child - Workshop and Competition for music for children : "Music and fun" , Poznan - winner (2009)

Motet in the glaze of Bergson , 2ndMarek Stachowski Composition Competition for Young Composers, Kraków – second distincition


JAM.exe for string orchestra . Jeju International Composition Competition, South Korea - Special Award (2010)

Katar(z)ynka W. Pandorze for harpischord solo - Wanda Landowska Composition Competiton, Warsaw - honorable distinction (2010)

Ringtone no. 8 III prize (ex aequo) at the Sfogato Ringtone Concert and Competition. (2011)

Fanfares Procession for Symphonic Orchestra. Orion Symphony Composers Competition,London - 1st prize (2011)


Aleatoranka for Solo Piano "Mikolajowskie Granie"- III H.M. Gorecki Festival - Composition Competition for children - Rydultowy -Ist degree distinction


Ciuchcia Tuwima for Solo Piano "Mikolajowskie Granie"- III H.M. Gorecki Festival - Composition Competition for children - Rydultowy - Ist degree distinction (2011)

Arlequin  for Piccolo - Honorable Mention Citation on the 'International Music Prize for Excellence in Composition 2011' in Thesalloniki (2011)

BAden-baDen-badEn for prepared piano, violin, harp, 2 percussions and Accordion. Generace - International Composition Competition for composers up to 30 years old, Ostrava - 2nd prize (1st not awarded) (2012)

String Quartet No.1 "Postcards from Pittsburgh" Harry G. Archer Memorial Student String Quartet Competition, Pittsburgh - honourable mention in the graduate students category. (2012)

I'vo piangendo for Bass-baritone and string quartet. XXth Adam Didur Composition Comeptition , Sanok - Ist degree distinction (2012)

Cosas que pudieron ser for high voice and prepared Piano, - Taduesz Baird Polish Composers Society Composition Compeition, Warsaw- 1st prize (2013)

Pok-a-tok for Flute and ensemble - Finalist of the 4th Anton Dvorak Composition Competition in Prague (2013)

Finding You for Brass Trio - First Prize on the Iron Instant Composition Competition 2013 in Baldwin-Wallace Conservatory of Music in Cleveland in Ohio (2013)

Pas de deux for Accordion, Cello and Video - Finalist of the 55th Taduesz Baird Polish Composers Society Composition Competition, Warsaw


"Warm Winter" soundtrack - Remix Virtual Artist Film Music Competition - winner for the music for "Warm Winter" animation by Xin Li, Chapel Hills in North Carolina. (2013)

Cosas que pudieron ser for voice and Piano - Finalist of the American Prize in Composition - chamber student category (2014)

Floating Skies for electronics, Third locate on the SongDoor International Songwriting Competition in Nashville, TN, Honorable Mention for "Morning Shells for electronics". (2015)

 Young Talent Award in film scoring at the FMF in Krakow, finalist (2015)

The Screams of Kain for Organs, International Composers' Competition in Legnica, Poland - 3rd prize (2016)

Matrix graphical score - Honorable Mention - Center for Advanced Notation (CAN) International Composition Competition (2017)

Fraszki durbaszki for Viola and Percussion- Finalist of the 59th Tadeusz Baird Competition, Warsaw (2017)

3 Deutsche Souvenirs for Woodwind Quintet, 2018 MACRO Composition Competition, Madison, Wisconsin - Honorable Mention (2017)

Culms of Time for Piano Quintet, Yuri Bashmet's Winter Festival - IV International Competition for Composers in memory of A. Schnitkee and S. Richter, Sochi, Russia - Finalist, distinction diploma (2017)

Missa Apuncta for sopran, violin, 2 guitars, chorus and organs - American Prize in Composition -  Honorable Distinctions in the professional choral division: choral (2017)


Tamburion for 2 guitars and string quartet and visualisations, American Prize in Composition -  Honorable Distinctions in the professional instrumental division (2017)

Gasps of Pieniny - Bruno Serri International Composition Competition for Accordion - 4th locate,

Serramazzoni/Modena - Italy (2018)

PhatopoiAposiopesis(Requiem per gli avi) for Chamber Orchestra. National Polish Moniuszko Composition Competition, Gdansk, Poland - First Prize, (2018)

Biblical SMSes for female chorus and orchestra, Finalist of the 5th "Sacrarium" International Composition Competition,

Lviv, Ukraine (2018)

Tremito di Pandora for Harpsichord, First Prize on the SIMC - CONCORSO INTERNAZIONALE DI COMPOSIZIONE -

Nuove Musiche per Clavicembalo, Milano, Italy (2019)

Ojibbeway for Flute, Accordion and Piano - winner of the American Prize in Composition 2020 - professional chamber division

Union Square at Dusk for 4 percussionists - CALL FOR SCORES, CERIMONIALI RITMICI 2020, BLOW UP PERCUSSION, ROME, ITALY(2020)

Vetus oppidum - Finalist of the "Musica per Archi" KLK New Music Competition, Lviv, Ukraine (2020)

A fame et bello - Finalist of the 7th Sacrarium International Composition Competition in Lviv, Ukraine (2021)


New Jersey Composers Guild Competition- winner of the composition commission competition (2022)


GLOBAL MUSIC AWARDS - Outstanding achievement. Double Silver medal: Composer and new release (2023)


"... through the ribs of Nahma"  - finalist of the Efferent Verb and New York Virtuoso Singers Composition Competition.


Selected composer for the mentoring program between MUSIKVEREIN VIEN and UNIVERSAL EDITION VIEN led by percussionist and composer David Moliner (2023-2024)

MUSICAL EAGLES AWARD (2023) Gold Diploma for monographic album "Union Square" - Albany Records 2023, International  Phonographic Category, Arthur Rubinstein Philharmonics in Łódź, 2023

MUSICAL EAGLES AWARD (2023) - Grand Prix, artistic directorship of  programming of the 24th International Chopin & Friends Festival in NYC (NYDAI), Musical Event Category, Arthur Rubinstein Philharmonics in Łódź, 2023

GLORIA ARTIS - Bronze Medal for Merit to Culture (2023) - (Polish: Zasłużony Kulturze Gloria Artis)  is a departmental decoration of Poland in arts awarded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland to persons and organizations for distinguished contributions.

AMADEUS COMPOSITION AWARD - Third Prize (Chamber Music), Vienna, Austria, September 2023

CARL REINECKE INTERNATIONAL MUSIC COMPETITION - Absolute First Prizes (Original Composition, National Music for "Callin' Saigdi"), December 2023 (World Online Music Competitions Organization)

HECTOR BERLIOZ INTERNATIONAL MUSIC COMPETITION - Absolute First Prize (Original Composition for "A fame et bello"), December 2023 (World Online Music Competitions Organization)

SAINT SÄENS INTERNATIONAL MUSIC COMPETITION - Platinum First Prize (Original Composition for "Dandelions from the Palisades"), December 2023, (World Online Music Organization)


ANTONIO VIVALDI INTERNATIONAL MUSIC COMPETITION - Absolute First Prize  (Original Composition for : Ginkyo-ya: Pendula (in memoriam Krzysztof Penderecki), Excellent Creativity Special Prize, January 2024 (World Online Music Organization)

CLOUZINE INTERNATIONAL MUSIC AWARDS (Clouzine Magazine) -Best Instrumental Album,

Jakub Polaczyk: Union Square (Spring 2024)

TEACHER AWARD - for the high standard and continuing excellence in music teaching, and
the outstanding contributions to support students' musical careers/ Debussy International Music Competition (2024)

International Composition Award: Piano with orchestra COMPOSITION COMPETITION, Antwerp, Belgium, Finalist, Honorable mention for "Flemish Wind" (2024)

TEACHER AWARD: Second Prize for Piano (age 18-20) on the Charleston International Music Compeition by student Pablo Echevarria Cuesta (Spain/USA)  

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