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ApokElipsis for chamber orchestra (2006)

Overture Talk for chamber orchestra (2007)
premiere: November 29, 2008, Daegu Contemporary Orchestra, con, E. Ciobota
JAM.exe for Strings (2007)
Fanfares Procession for symphony orchestra (2009)
premiere: August 23, 2009, Ostrava Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra, con. P, Rundel
@dessey (omaggio a Joyce) for orchestra (2009)
Symphony A.D. 2010 for orchestra (2010)
premiere: March 18, 2010, Cracow Music Academy Orchestra, con. M. Tworek
Lexington Run for String Orchestra (2015)
premiere: May 07, 2o16, Lexington Chamber Orchestra, con. J. Pellant
Slavic Stream No.1: Christmas Posctcards for String Orchestra (2015)
premiere: December 20, 2015, Lexington Chamber Orchestra, con. J. Pellant
Two Beat-less Pongsters for orchestra (2013/2017)
premiere: February 2, 2013, Pittsburgh Carnegie Mellon Orchestra, con. D. Curtis
Around The Blue-S (2014)
premiere: May 10,2014, Cleveland Blue Waters Orchestra, con. Carlton Woods
Grand Royks Brilliante for orchestra
Geada for orchestra (2017/2019)
premiere: October 15, 2019, National Orchestra of Brazilia in Brasil, con. Ch. Brohmann
Central Park Woods for Wood Percussion and Strings (2016/2021)
Vetus Oppidum for String Orchestra (2019)
premiere: March 26, 2020, Lviv Philharmonics, "Musica per archi", con. R.Kreslenko
Unter den Linden - March for Winds (2019)
Somber Brush for Wind Orchestra (2018)
Restored Torch - for Symphonic Orchestra (2018/2020)
European premiere: Sofia Bulgaria National Orchestra, June 14, 2022
Asian premiere: Hanoi Philharmonics, November 12, 2022

Waldmalerai aus Freuenplan for orchestra (2018/2020)
PhatopoiAposiopesis (Requiem per gli avi) for chamber orchestra (2007/rev.2018)
premiere: May 21, 2007, Music Academy in Cracow, con. G.Wierus

Symphony A.D.2020 (2020)

Clarinet Concerto "Three Corons Easels" (in progress)  (2020)

Passacaglia Funebre for orchestra (2020)

Silk Procession for orchestra (2020/2021)

Saxophone Concerto"Perseverance" (2021)

The Abyss of Time for e-bowed Electric Guitar and strings (2021)

Dance of light: "chanunpa" for Wind ensemble (2021)
American premiere: Tacoma Pudget Wind Ensemble, 
February 26, 2023,

Singing back with Leelinau for Orchestra (2022)

Steinschnitzerei mit B-A-C-H for Orchestra (2023)

Oxbow (in memory of Thomas Cole) for Wind Orchestra (2023)

Gliding ID for Flute and Orchestra (2023)

Batons (Etudes for Orchestra)
No.1 Fourth Ark: Entry after Breughel
for orchestra (2024)

Slavic Stream No.2: "Śmiętlana" for 2 Oboes, French Horn
and Strings

Batons (Etudes for Orchestra)
No.3 Tympanum canticorum for orchestra (2024) 

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