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Chodok no.2 "Viennese" for Cello (2023/rev.2024)

Ultraviolet for 2 Accordions (2023)

premiere: 09. 10, 2023 by Wiesław Ochwat & Maciej Zimka, Krakow, Poland

Callin' Saigdi for Erhu and Koto (2023)

premiere: 09. 29, 2023 by Andy Lin & Yoko Reikano Kimura, Merkin Hall, New York City

Bowling Duologue for 2 singing bowlers (2023)

forGio for Solo Piano (2023)

premiere: 04. 11, 2024 by Michael Messer, Wheaton College, Chicago

Kentucky Bluegrasp for Solo Viola (2023)

Chroset IX: Two Haring's Totems (Hommage a K. Haring) for Flute Ensemble (2023)

premiere: 08. 12, 2023 by Flautas Cruzando Fronteras ensemble in Zihutanejo, Mexico

Chroset VIII: Tiléles (Hommage a C. Vivier)  for Clarinet and Piano (2023)

premiere: 04.22.2023, Piotr Lato & Wioletta Fluda-Tkaczyk, Florian Hall, Krakow, Poland 

Chodok no. 1 "mountainous" for Recorder/Flute C and Piano (2022)

premiere: 02.20.2023 Renata Guzik  & Jakub Polaczyk, Polish and Slavic Center, New York City, USA


Dandelions from the Palisades for Flute, Clarinet and Piano (2022)

premiere: 06.05.2023 Palisades Virtuosi, Unitarian Society, Ridgewood, NJ, USA

Loon for the Woodwind Quintet (2022)

premiere: 11.02.2022, Cracow Golden Quintet, November 2, Polish Consulate, New York City, USA

Yoolcoo-Yulcoo-Yoolcoou for Flute and Harp (2022)

premiere: Afrah & Telfu, April 29, 2022 Center of Culture "Podgórze" Krakow, Poland

Chroset VII: Un mémorial dans le vent du Temps.

(Hommage a O. Messiaen) for Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano (2022) 

World Premiere: Messian á Toul, May 1, 2022, Toul, France

American Premiere: November 10, Bruno Walter Auditorium, Lincoln Center, NYC,

Waha'yoo Winds for Alto Flute and Trombone (2022)

premiere: 09. 19. 2022, Thomas Beam Music Center, Las Vegas, USA

Dance of light: "chanunpa" for 8 woodwinds, AccordionPercussion(2021)
premiere: 08.20.2021, Krakow Florian Concert Hall


Withers for Alto Flute and Clarinet Bb (2021)

premiere: 09.20.2021, Szczecin Academy of Arts 

NOK for Oboe and Steel Drums (2021)

Thorn for Guitar Quartet (2021)

Ginkyo-ya: Pendula (in memoriam K. Penderecki) for String Quartet

premiere: 11.19.2021, Consulate General of Poland in New York, Argus Quartet 

Pereglinations of Light for Organs Solo (2021)

premiere: 011.07.2021, St. Kostko Church, Brooklyn, Gail Archer 


Se prêcipiter plume pour Flûte et Violoncello (2021)

premiere: 06.10.2021, Natalia Jarzabek, Jan Kalinowski/UJ,Musicology, Krakow


 40 Lents for Left Hand Piano Alone (2020/2021)

 Shreds of civilization for 6 Double-Basses (2020)

 Nuclid Whispers for 2 Guitars (2020)

 Halny Fantasy for Clarinet Solo (2019)

premiere: 11.23.2019, Wojtek Komsta, Carnegie Hall/Weill Recital, NY

 Ojibbeway for Flute, Accordion and Piano (2019)

premiere: 05.14.2019, Krakow Florian Concert Hall

 Across Hudson for Guitar, Violin and Viola (2019)

 Chroset V: Styrophonic Willows for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Viola and Piano (2018)

premiere: 11. 16. 2018, Consulate of Poland, NYC, Four Corners Ensemble

 Pieniny-Strzeliny (Pieninan Gasps) for Accordion Solo (2018)

premiere: 09.06.2018. Nowy Sacz -Mala Galeria, G.Palus - accordion

 Ticking Gleam for Piano and 3 Percussionsists (2018)

premiere: 2.07.2018, MATCH, HOUSTON con. E. Caballero

 Mazurka-Fantasy for Piano (2018)

premiere: 05.11.2019, Steinway Hall, NYC, Jakub Polaczyk- piano

 Culms of Time for Piano Quintet (2018)

premiere: 02.23.2018, Yuri Bashmet's Winter International Festival, Sochi, Moscow Soloists

 Culms for Youth Guitar Ensemble (2018)

 Union Square at Dusk for Percussion Quartet (2018)

premiere: 05.20.2021, Filharmonia Romana, Rome, Blow Up Percussion

 Fraszki durbaszki for Viola and Percussion (2017)

premiere: 06.14.2018, PWM, Warsaw, M. Pękala, M. Zatorski

 Drei Deutsche Souvenirs für Bläser Quintet (2017)

premiere: postponed

 3 Inks for Solo Violin (2017)

premiere: 02.15.2018. Spectrum, NYC, Kinga Augustyn - violin

 Act for T.K. for Cello and Piano (2017)

premiere: 10.20.2017, Kościuszko Foundation, NYC, Cracow Duo

 Orfeorium per Claudio for Flute, Harp, String Trio (2017)

premiere: 14.04.2018, Milano, NED Ensembl, con. Andrea Manucci

 Double Emission for 2 Piccolos and 2 Flutes C (2017)

 The Screams of Kain for Organs with melodica (2017)

premiere: 19.09.2017, Legnica, M. Wrona- organs

 Redlander for 8 Trombones (2017)

premiere: 07.01.2017, University of Redlands, CA, ITF, Con. Jakub Polaczyk

 Sgraffito for Flute, Clarinet, Trombone, Percussion, Piano, Violin and Double Bass (2017)

premiere: 05.26.2017, Brooklyn, NY, Mise-En Ensemble

 Eine Kleine Taschen Musik for tiny instruments (2017)

premiere: 03.12.2017, Spectrum, NYC, Jakub Polaczyk

 S:ER;EN?A!D!E of U- for Guitar and 2 ping-pongs (2017)

premiere: 03.12.2017, Spectrum, NYC, Jakub Polaczyk

 Night Shifts for septet (2017)

 Polish Lake for Piano (2016)

premiere: 03.12.2017, Spectrum, NYC, Jakub Polaczyk

 Astorian Dyptyque for Piano (2016)

premiere: 10. 18, 2016, Carnegie Hall, NYC, Jakub Polaczyk

 A Bit of Glass for Violin and Piano (2016)

premiere: 10. 18, 2016, Carnegie Hall, NYC, Jakub Polaczyk, Benita Benietez

 Metal Royks for 2 Trombones and Tuba (2016)

 Dotted Twists for Saxophone Quartet (2016)

 Ricercari di primavera per Oboe et Sassofono (2016)

premiere: 17.04.2016, M. Pędziałek, A. Mleczko, MOCAK, Krakow

 From Tears for Violin, Clarinet and Piano (2015)

premiere: 03.12.2017, Spectrum, NYC, Kinga Augustyn, Wojtek Komsta, Jakub Polaczyk

 Profumo per accordion et quartetto di archi (2015)


 Lotos Rhymes for Piano (2015)

premiere: 03.12.2017, Spectrum, NYC, Jakub Polaczyk

 Guidonium for 2 percussionists (2015)

 Canzonetta Minore per due violini et viola (2015)

premiere: 08.24. 2015 Sumavske Letni Hudebni Vecery Festival in Zelezna Ruda , Pellant Trio (Czech Republic)

 Carbonic Royks for Tuba and Strings (2015)

 Titulus for 6 Clarinets (2015)

 Alt Center for Tapping and Alto Flute (2015)

 Tubes for brasses (2015)

 Korpodyque for Violin, Haegum, Gayagum, Piano (2015)

premiere: 04. 21. .2015, Mangha Center, Cracow, Goomori Modern Ensemble

 Covers for Piano (2015)

premiere: 03.05.2015, University of Misouri-Kansa City, Grant Recital Hall, Jakub Polaczyk

 Obertons for 2 pianists and staging (2015)

 String Quartet No. 2: Floating Microdreams (2014)

premiere: 04. 10.2014, Gdansk, NeoQuartet

 Gateway for Organs and assistant (2014)

premiere: 05.10.2014 - Evangelical Lutheran Church of Vilnius, Karolina Juodelytė (organ)

 J-ete for flute, bassoon and piano with staging (2014)

premiere: 07.03.2014 - Eugene, Oregon, OBF Composers Symposium

 I-Act for 2 percussions (2014)

 Finding You for Brass Trio and audience (2013)

premiere: 06.09.2013. Cleveland/Iron Instant Composition Competition

 Chroset II: Duons for Trombone (with electronics) (2013)

premiere: 17.08.2013 - Music Community Center in San Francisco, David Whitwell - trombone

 Flow for 2 flutes (2013)

premiere: 26.04.2013 Alumni Concert Hall - Carnegie Mellon University - Pittsburgh

 Around the bends for piccolo, clarinet, violin, viola,cello, double bass and trombone (2013)

premiere: 28.06.Porvoo (Finalnd)- Avanti Ensemble

 Ostländler for woodwind quintet (2013)

premiere: 18.05.2013-Marian Church in Druskienniki

 Dance Me to the End of Rock for Cello and Piano (2013)

premiere: 24.04.2013 Alumni Concert Hall - Carnegie Mellon University - Pittsburgh

  Let's talk folk for violin, bassoon and harpsichord/toy (2013)

premiere: 24.04.2013 Alumni Concert Hall - Carnegie Mellon University - Pittsburgh

 2-Oxo-L-threo-hexono-1,4-lactone2,3-enediol for string quartet (2013)

premiere: Recoring session with Carpe Diem SQ, March, 2013, Pittburgh

 Blocken-glockEn for Piano, percussion and Double bass (2012)

 La scena Piccola for E flat clarinet and toy piano (2012)

 al F..e for clarinet, viola and piano (2012)

premiere: 19.05.2012 - Druskienniki /US premiere: June in Buffalo 2017

 String Quartet No.I "Postcards from Pittsburgh" (2012)

premiere: Recoring session with Jack SQ, March, 2012, Pittburgh

 Ciuchcia Tuwima for prepared piano (2011)

 BAden-baDen-badEn for accordion, violin, piano, harp and  percussions (2011)

premiere: 29.05. 2013 - Janackovy Mai - Ostrava

 The king and knights for oboe quintet (2011)

premiere: 20.05.2012 - Lithuanian Oboe Quintet - LIŠKIAVA

 Songs of the Day for Trombone quartet (2011)

premiere: 18.08.2011 - Dresden - TomboNova quartet

 Chroset I: Microns for flute, clarinet and cello (2011)

premiere: 22.09.2011 - Warsaw Autumn - Young Composers Concert/Mycielski Composition Competition

 Song before twelve for Piano Solo (2011)

premiere: 16.06.2011 - Florianka Concert Hall in Cracow, Marco Ciccone

 Arlequin for piccolo and piano (2011)

premiere: 26.05.2011. Mangha,  Cracow, Ensemble Nostris Temporis

 Those calls&cells for 3 Trumpets, 3 Horns, 3 Trombones (2010)

 Shakes for oboe, marimba, drum kit and accordion (2010)

premiere: 10.11,2011, Edinburgh - Noisy night - Red Note Ensemble

 Tremito di Pandora for Harpsichord Solo (2010)

premiere: 23.05.2010 - Concert Hall- Music University in Warsaw

 Pienińskie Pantomimy for solo flutes (2010)

premiere: 17.12.2010, Alma Mater Festival in Budapest - performer: Renata Guzik

 Squarred Terraces for 2 pianos and percussion (2009)

 Rolaneska for violin and piano (2009)

premiere: 19.03.2010 - Audio Art Festival - Concert Hall - Music Academy of Cracow, Polanski Duo

 Motet in the glaze of Bergson for Piano, Violin(Clarinet) and Cello (2009)

premiere: 24.04.2013 Alumni Concert Hall, CMU - Pittsburgh

 Telegram for electric guitar, clarinet and piano (2009)

premiere: 20.09.2009 Warsaw Autumn

 Jancio Muzykant for string quartet, computer and child (2009)

premiere: 25.11.2009 Poznań, Chilren Art Museum

 Hippocampus for marimba, vibraphone and electronic sounds (2009)

premiere: 29.05.2009 Kraków, Sebastian Caputa, Rafał Tyliba

 Belgische Humoreske for guitar and violin (2008)

 Magic Map for harp (2008)

premiere: 01.29. 2009, Rutkowski Music School in Kraków,

 Sonata in two rooms for horn and cello (2008)

 Frozen Moments for oboe, violin and Double bass (Cello) (2007)

premiere: 10.01 2013 - Access Reading Session - ACM Music School in Chicago

 WalkinG for Solo Cello (2007)

 Fantasy from Stele for Double bass and Piano (2007)

premiere: 26.04.2010 - A Coruna, Todd Williamson, Vera Pavlova

 Combinations on Olympus for Trombone Solo (2007)

premiere: 6.11.2007 Mangha, Kraków, Pawel Cieślak

 Refrained Wheel for Amplified Harpsichord, Accordion and Double Bass (2007)

premiere:  26.05.2007 Kraków, Music Academy of Cracow, Magdalena Chmielowska, Andrzej Włodarz, Michał Krawczyk

 Piece for string quartet (2007)

 Clockophonia for Glockenspiel, Vibraphone, Marimba and Xylophone (2006)

premiere: 26.05.07 Kraków, Music Academy of Cracow,

 PlejDESAUNDS for any instruments (2006)

premiere: 12.06.2010, Music Academy of Cracow

 Aleatoranka for Piano (2006

Matrix for any Instrument(s) (2005)

premiere: Cracow Composers Music Days, 08.05  2006, Wojciech Gracz, Paweł Miśkowicz, organs

Visions de la lumiere (hommage a C. Debussy) for Solo Piano (2005)

premiere: 06. 02. 2006 Cracow Composers Music Days, Weronika Krówka- piano

Genesis I for Solo Harpsichord (2005)

DSCH for Flute, Vibraphone, Piano and Double Bass (2004)

premiere: 11.20.2004 Tarnów, Crescendo All Polish Composition Competition

Sonem JP for Alto Saxophone and Piano (2002)

premiere: April 2002, Nowy Sącz, Bartosz Polaczyk , Jakub Polaczyk

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