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Parallel Lines

presentation of guitar contemporary music (including

S:ER;EN?A!D!E of U-)  at the  Unoversidad Nacional de LAS Artes, Buenos Aires, Roque de Pedro Hall

August 25, 2023, Argentina

Parallel Lines

Premiere of Chroset no.9:

"Two Haring's Totems" for Flute Ensemble, 

Zihuhtanejo, Mexico

August 12, 2023

Parallel Lines

Conversation with Dave Lake on "Evening Eclectic" at 8-10pm on WRUU - 107.5 FM Savannah and streaming at about album "Union Square". 

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Parallel Lines

"Union Square Album"  on "the Other Minds" program . June 11 at 8 pm, San Francisco Bay Area tune on KALW 91.7 FM Radio  - program of Joseph Bohigian.


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Parallel Lines

"Yoolcoo-Youlcou-Youlkou"  on the WNMA New Music Composers Radio on Thursdays and  Saturdays, 


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Parallel Lines

"Combinations on Olympus" , WPKN Radio, Richard Epstein host, Connecticut

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Parallel Lines

"Dandelions From the Palisades" for Palisades Virtuosi ,premiere, June 4, Ridgewood, New Jersey


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Parallel Lines

Bronze Medal on the 44th Telly Awards in NYC for documentary non-broadcasted movie: " Conversations with Jakub Polaczyk" directed by Dennis Woytek.  


Parallel Lines

Upcoming Concert with concert violinist Margot Zarzycka in Sarasota, Florida, May 21

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Parallel Lines


(composer, new release)

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Parallel Lines

Premiere of "Tilelés" for Clarinet and Piano,

Cracow International Composers Festival, April 22, Piotr Lato & Wioletta Tkaczyk

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"Union Square" At the Polskie Radio 2: "Plytomania" May 14

Parallel Lines

Premiere of "Peace SMS"

for Soprano and Organs

April 16, St. Stanislaus Martyr RC Church, Ukrainian Village,

Manhattan, NYC,

Justyna Giermola, sopran  &

Jakub Polaczyk, organs 

Parallel Lines

"Union Square" presented in the Quebec Radio (in French)

by Michelle Monette, April 2,2023


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Parallel Lines

American Premiere of Chanunpa: Dance of Light"

February 24, Tacoma Wind Band under direction of Gerard Morris,

Seattle, SCI  Region VIII Conference

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Parallel Lines

Withers on the S.E.M Emerging Composers Workshop concert,

Brooklyn, February 15, 2023

Parallel Lines

Geeks Around Globe about the Cd release and documentary movie.


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Parallel Lines

Asian premiere of "Restored Torch" ,

Vietnam Symphonic Orchestra, Hanoi, Vietnam, 

November 12, 2022

Wojciech Czepiel, conductor

Parallel Lines

American premiere: "Un memorial dans le Vent du Temps. Hommage á O. Messiaen " 

for clarinet, violin, cello and piano  (2022)

November 10, 2022, Bruno Walter Auditorium, Lincoln Center

Mari Lee, Yoonah Kim, Mihai Marcia, Henry Kramer 

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