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Urainy@ (in memory of N. Copernicus)
for fixed medias (2023)










Around the B-E-Es  installation (2019)







Two and Half Pianos installation together with Xiaoyin Li (2015)




Voyage  with S. Miedzinki, animation (2015/2016)



Tamburion for Guitars, String Quartet and Video (2016)


Pas a deux  for Accordion, Cello and Video (2014)


Letters to Halny for Clarinet, Wind Chimes and Video (2012)



Chroset III: Pok-a-tok  for Flute, Ensemble and Video (2012)


Le barche di Maccagno for Flute, Guitar and Video (2012)













Continental Brain for Dancer, Accordion, Percussion and Video (2008)

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